• Producers

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    Miranda Spigener-Sapon

    Series Creator/Director & Showrunner

    Miranda is a multiple-award winning writer/director. A graduate of UT/Austin with a BFA in Film/Television and Communications. Miranda produced/directed the documentary feature, Masculinity That Inspires Change and directed the short film The Power of Forgiveness, both acquired by Amazon and streaming on Prime. In Addition to her work in TV/film/theatre, Miranda was signed by Winterwolf Press with a 4-book deal series of prequel inspired by the Marisa Romanov film. The first novel, Charles: A Marisa Romanov Story is set to debut Winter 2020. She also produces an internationally syndicated podcast for iHeartRadio and Apple which is now in season 3, Inspire Change with Gunter. Miranda’s debut feature as director, Lifelines, will debut December 2021.

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    DeVonna Prinzi

    Executive Producer/Exec in Charge of Production

    For over 25 years, DeVonna Prinzi has produced events, from galas to disaster relief drives. She is known for her stellar performances in 3 of Miranda Spigener-Sapon’s early films: True as the Narrator that screened at L’Entrepot Cinema in Paris, France; next as the lead in the short film Copy Café and a Field Reporter in the PBS series Eat Art, that aired in 5 markets. Prinzi has coordinated and produced several major events and festivals as well as worked as a promoter. She was educated in film and acting at The University of Tampa and in modeling and industry training at The Model Studio. Her breadth as a creator and producer can not only be seen in her dynamic film Yellow Belt, a promotional video for Martial Arts of America, which shows the advantages of martial arts training for students with behavioral disorders and also in her film Bronze Casting, an instructional video. She is currently coordinating retreats and social media campaigns. DeVonna is a highly motivated, conscientious and tenacious individual with the innovation as a creator that secured her current position at The Kaizen Tropical Wellness Institute as an Executive Producer of their upcoming documentary series.

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    Grayson Arndt

    Showrunner's Assistant

    Stories are amazing things. Whether they're told by an Oscar Winning Writer on the Screen or a Father at the end of a Bed, stories tell us who we are, where we came from, and where we're going. They inform our values, draw on our emotions, and cultivate the foundations for thriving communities big or small. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor's in Philosophy, Grayson spent the past two years working as an Executive Assistant for a small production company called Noirtainment and performing Development Evaluation for the International Screenwriter's Association.

    My approach is calm and compassionate, developing the Story the writer wants to tell rather than the one they "should" tell.

    Arndt’s favorite stories to read have distinct voices revolving around captivating, compelling characters and often operating within absurd premises. Comedy, Horror, Animation, and a mixture of all these are where you'll find him the most excited.

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    Felipe Sapon

    Executive Producer

    Felipe is the COO/VP of Operations for Noirtainment Productions. He studied at LACC and LA Trade Tech and has supervised teams for various corporate retail outlets. Recently, he was Colorist on the film Positive that screened in LA in 2013, Camera Operator on The Power of Forgiveness and Supervising Editor on several commercials.


    Felipe has a unique eye for detail and precision which makes him an asset to any production.

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    Andrew Flores

    Executive Producer

    Andrew Flores is an actor and producer, known for recurring as Epifanio’s Bodyguard in USA Network’s Queen of the South.

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    Rishabh Thakkar

    Co-Director/Staff Writer

    Rishabh has successfully lead Documentary projects in India, France and the USA. A graduate of Chapman University with MFA in Documentary Filmmaking. He believes audiences all around the world connect through one thing -Emotions. Driven by his passion for inducing emotions in the audience through the audio-visual medium and guided by quality direction, he tends to put his best foot forward in every project. Irrespective of however, a small role he may play in it.

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    Kristin Ruggaber

    Producer/Writer's Assistant

    Kristin Ruggaber has been called many things in her life, daughter, wife, mother, homemaker, and storyteller, to name a few, but not always in that order. As a kid growing up in Northwest Indiana during the 50’s and 60’s when the region was still still mostly rural, before growing into an endless sea of suburbs for an ever expanding city of Chicago, Kris was like any normal child of her time digesting a steady diet of Gunsmoke, Maverick, I Love Lucy and of course, the show that put them all to shame, Bonanza. On the back of her own horse Gypsy, Kris would dream of the old west, fantasize about being part of it, and imagine tales of a bygone era where life was more simple than it was in the bustling technology-cluttered modern days of the second half of the 20th century. As it does for all, time marched on, technology evolved, life changed, children of her own were born, grew up, moved on, but one thing stayed the same, the romance of the old west. After settling west in Virginia City Nevada and then later in Southern California, Kris and Mike have settled in, “at home” and strangely, back in time back in Indiana.

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    Gunter Swoboda


    Gunter holds over 30 years experience as a Psychologist. His passionate perspectives and scrutinies on what makes human beings thrive allows him to develop relationships with people in order to ignite their aspirations. Gunter is exceptional in facilitating outcomes in learning, productivity and communication by providing a safe environment with unobtrusive assistance and guidance wherein participants experience the flow between content and context.

    Swoboda is the creator of the Making Good Men Great movement which gained attention of BuzzFeed, Oprah and Arianna Huffintong. Swoboda is the author of Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity available in stores and online everywhere. His critically-acclaimed novel, Mountains of Sea, was released June 1, 2021 from Winterwolf Press.


    Recently, he as Written/Produced Masculinity That Inspires Change streaming on Amazon Prime and Host of Inspire Change with Gunter that is globally syndicated on all major platforms.

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    Dylan Wallace

    VFX Producer/Editor

    Dylan is an award-winning filmmaker currently in school at the University of Tampa. In his freshman year at UT, Wallace directed and edited a short documentary, Racing Dragons, for Campus Movie Fest winning him a Jury Award and nominating him for Best Documentary at CMF Terminus 2019-2020. There he continues his studies, exploring genres and expanding his filmmaking techniques.Born in Toms River, New Jersey, Wallace grew up watching nature documentaries and yearned to make some of his own.Having worked in both digital and physical forms of film, Wallace has tested his patience through recycled films as well as hand animating film strips using sharpie markers.Wallace studies both film and science, even studying abroad while in high school to conduct research in Costa Rica for 12 days.

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    Tea Cuggino

    Animation Consultant

    Téa is a driven animator, digital artist, and costume designer who loves to test the limits of visual media and her own abilities. She enjoys challenging herself with learning new software and techniques, and is constantly looking for ways to improve and experiment. Away from work, she can be found sewing costumes, playing video games, and curling up with her cat and a good book.

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    Lindsay Lewis

    Junior Staff Writer

    Lindsay is an actor/writer/director/aspiring Molly Ringwald impersonator from East-Central Texas. Her favorite kind of stories are the ones that combine elements of fantasy and whimsy with grounded emotional and psychological truths, so she is thrilled to be on the Haisley team! When she’s not creating stories you can find Lindsay drafting hot takes on Twitter, learning 90s ballads on her guitar, or hanging out with her pet chinchilla. Yes, she has a chinchilla. Her name is Bella. Do you wanna see pictures?!

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    Dean Kubersky

    Assistant to Creative Affairs and Development​

    Dean graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor's in Media Management and Law with a concentration in TV/film production in Spring 2022. Quickly he was offered a role to combine his skills from a variety of previous jobs with his passion for film and TV by joining the team at Noirtainement. Born in Tenafly, New Jersey, Kubersky's passion for movies specifically stemmed from his close relationship with his brother. Dean aspires to learn as much about the industry as possible in order to create projects of his own.