• Post Production Team

    Miranda Spigener-Sapon
    Supervising Editor

    Miranda is a multiple-award winning writer/director. A graduate of UT/Austin with a BFA in Film/Television and Communications. Miranda produced/directed the documentary feature, Masculinity That Inspires Change and directed the short film The Power of Forgiveness, both acquired by Amazon and streaming on Prime. In Addition to her work in TV/film/theatre, Miranda was signed by Winterwolf Press with a 4-book deal series of prequel inspired by the Marisa Romanov film. The first novel, Charles: A Marisa Romanov Story is set to debut Winter 2020. She also produces an internationally syndicated podcast for iHeartRadio and Apple which is now in season 3, Inspire Change with Gunter. Miranda’s debut feature as director, Lifelines, will debut December 2021.

    Kyle Maxwell Mungenast

    Kyle Mungenast is an award-winningscreenwriter, playwright, and narrative & experimental filmmaker currently pursuing a BFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Tampa.Growing up with early theater and playwright experience, Kyle fell in love with the artistic process of creating a character and they found catharsis in pursuing their passions for narrative scriptwriting. Kyle’s short neo-noir screenplay IN ABSENTIA was produced under a grant from Film Tampa Bay and was awarded for Best Cinematic Collaboration at the 2019 BlackBox Film Festival. Most recently, their LGBTQIA+ romance proof-of-concept,COME IN, was produced and is currently in film festival circuits.

    Dylan Wallace

    Dylan is an award-winning filmmaker currently in school at the University of Tampa. In his freshman year at UT, Wallace directed and edited a short documentary, Racing Dragons, for Campus Movie Fest winning him a Jury Award and nominating him for Best Documentary at CMF Terminus 2019-2020. There he continues his studies, exploring genres and expanding his filmmaking techniques.Born in Toms River, New Jersey, Wallace grew up watching nature documentaries and yearned to make some of his own.Having worked in both digital and physical forms of film, Wallace has tested his patience through recycled films as well as hand animating film strips using sharpie markers.Wallace studies both film and science, even studying abroad while in high school to conduct research in Costa Rica for 12 days.

    Rishabh Thakkar
    Associate Editor

    Rishabh has successfully lead Documentary projects in India, France and the USA. A graduate of Chapman University with MFA in Documentary Filmmaking. He believes audiences all around the world connect through one thing -Emotions. Driven by his passion for inducing emotions in the audience through the audio-visual medium and guided by quality direction, he tends to put his best foot forward in every project. Irrespective of however, a small role he may play in it.