• Music Team

    Toby Pipes
    Music Supervisor/Composer

    Toby Pipes is a musician/producer/recording engineer with more than two decades of experience in the music industry. As a member of Deep Blue Something, he received platinum and international success as a songwriter, guitar player and vocalist along with his brother Todd. They opened BPL studios in Dallas, Texas and produced hundreds of bands until deciding to go private in 2015. Now working out of his home studio in College Station, he creates soundscapes and songs for television, film and commercials along with recording/ producing albums and touring with different artists from around the world.




    Calhoun, Flickerstick, Drowning Pool, Deep Blue Something, Hi-Fi Drowning, John Price, Lauren Fine, Shadows of Jets, Taylor Young Band, The Blessed Isles, Nadas, Orange, The Chemistry Set, 25% Toby, Crash Vinyl, Modern Nations, Halou, DJ Shadow, PW Long

    Nolan Thies
    Associate Music Supervisor/Composer

    Nolan Thies is a Grammy award winning recording engineer/musician/producer with over fifteen years in the industry. After attending UNT in Denton, TX for Jazz Bass Performance and playing/touring with a wide array of bands, Nolan got his engineering start at BPL Studios in Dallas under Toby & Todd Pipes recording and mixing countless records. In 2012 he relocated to Brooklyn, NY where he's currently an engineer at The Bunker Studio as well as a freelance mixer out of his own home studio. With experience recording everything from orchestral to big bands to pop, Nolan prefers to channel these eclectic influences into lush dream pop arrangements.



    Brad Mehldau, Deerhunter, Blonde Redhead, Max Richter, Jon Batiste, Skrillex, Bush, Eli Keszler, Amen Dunes, Modern Nations, The Blessed Isles, Circling Skies

    Laurie Foxx
    Additional Music

    Laurie is a multiple award-winning Producer/Author/Musician and actress. Laurie won the prestige WorldFest Houston Gold Award, Las Vegas Film Festival Golden Ace Award and the Accolades Competition Award of Merit for her Caveman Theory series. Foxx Produced and co-starred in The Open Road that starred Justin Timberlake, Jeff Daniels and Harry Dean Stanton. She also co-starred in IFC Midnight's thriller Red, White and Blue. Laurie co-stars as Janet Grayson in the upcoming feature film Lifelines.