• Animation Team

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    Stephanie Hull
    Art Director

    A character designer, an animator, and a storyteller, Stephanie Hull is a Visual Development Artist who is starting to dip her feet deep into the multi-billion dollar animation industry. Born 1992 in Southern California, Stephanie has had her share of exposure to the world of animation thanks to her aunt working in advertising, and growing up with a family that took many trips to Disneyland throughout the years. It was during those same years that Stephanie learned just how powerful the bond between family is, which would be a central theme throughout the stories she’d bring to life through writing and her art.


    Stephanie graduated from the University of Central Florida in May 2021. After four years, she was awarded a B.F.A for Emerging Media with a specialization in Experimental Animation. Although this wouldn’t be her first college journey. Stephanie had studied a number of subjects including Theatre, Game Design, and even Psychology, but finally found her calling in art and animation. Throughout her college career, she always had the goal of being an animator in mind, but also found a new passion in Character Design, which led to an even bigger goal of working in Visual Development. Although she is new to the animation industry, Stephanie continues to devote her daily life to working toward her dream job, as well as continuing to improve both artistically and personally. Her recent career credits include volunteer work on animated ecards, as well as commissions and acting as a mentor for a friend and fellow artist who is still working on her own college career. Stephanie has also completed a couple of animated projects including the short films “The Great Escape” and “One Critter’s Trash”."

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    Sung Jae Yoon
    Team Lead Storyboard Artist

    A graphic designer and animator, that also specialized in 3D modeling, and game designs. Has a Bachelor's degree in Art Technology & Culture from the University of Oklahoma. Some strongest traits are the capability to do both creative designs and technology works. Have knowledge working in most Adobe applications, Maya, and Unity. A creative creator that wants to show his creative style to the world and hopes to bring some inspiration from them.

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    Taylor Guyton
    Team Lead Animatic and Roughs

    Taylor Guyton is a former military child and 2020 graduate from The University Of Tampa with a concentration in 2D animation. She loves all animation styles, and especially Japanese animation styles due to living in Japan. Taylor enjoys spending time creating concepts, stories, and building characters for new worlds.

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    Jasper Preston

    Team Lead Clean up

    Jasper Preston is a 2D animator from Michigan who graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit in 2021. They have a passion for making things move in the most eye-catching way possible. In their free time, they love animating creatures of all shapes and sizes. When they're not animating they're usually spending their time studying video games, with how they work and what it takes to make games, or they're playing with their cat Alphabet Soup.

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    Marissa Schultz

    Team Lead Colorist

    Marissa Schultz is an animator and illustrator from Buffalo New York. She is graduate of Villa Maria
    College with a B.F.A in animation. Marissa is fond of cartoony animation and has experience with both
    2d and 3d animation. Programs she uses to animate include Toon boom and Adobe After effects.

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    Emily Beach

    Assistant to the Art Director

    “Though she be but little, she is fierce”


    Emily has always loved creating stories and decided to do everything she could do to improve her craft. She was an attendee of the Georgia Governor’s Honor program in 2010 where she was able to hone her skill and learn more about different authors, styles and genres. Later that year, she had a short story published as part of a collection of other writings by high school students in her county.


    After graduation, she started college at Kennesaw State University in Georgia before leaving for 18 months on a church mission to northern California. Upon her return, she transferred and graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a B.A. in English in 2016. Since then, she has married, had three children, and picked up several pets along the way.


    In 2020 she was included in a collaborative magazine where the proceeds went to charity to support victims of domestic violence and abuse. Since then, Emily has been working on a handful of books, short stories and illustrations to go with them.

    While writing, Emily has worked in many different places as either a manager or assistant manager, including the Lawhorn Scouting base, a couple of restaurants and the pharmacy section of her local Walmart. She attributes her skill in administration to the 10+ years of customer service under her belt, and is excited to jump into this new field of experience.