• Animation Team

    Stephanie Hull
    Art Director

    A character designer, an animator, and a storyteller, Stephanie Hull is a Visual Development Artist who is starting to dip her feet deep into the multi-billion dollar animation industry. Born 1992 in Southern California, Stephanie has had her share of exposure to the world of animation thanks to her aunt working in advertising, and growing up with a family that took many trips to Disneyland throughout the years. It was during those same years that Stephanie learned just how powerful the bond between family is, which would be a central theme throughout the stories she’d bring to life through writing and her art.


    Stephanie graduated from the University of Central Florida in May 2021. After four years, she was awarded a B.F.A for Emerging Media with a specialization in Experimental Animation. Although this wouldn’t be her first college journey. Stephanie had studied a number of subjects including Theatre, Game Design, and even Psychology, but finally found her calling in art and animation. Throughout her college career, she always had the goal of being an animator in mind, but also found a new passion in Character Design, which led to an even bigger goal of working in Visual Development. Although she is new to the animation industry, Stephanie continues to devote her daily life to working toward her dream job, as well as continuing to improve both artistically and personally. Her recent career credits include volunteer work on animated ecards, as well as commissions and acting as a mentor for a friend and fellow artist who is still working on her own college career. Stephanie has also completed a couple of animated projects including the short films “The Great Escape” and “One Critter’s Trash”."

    Hershell Williams IV
    Team Lead Storyboard Artist

    Philadelphia has produced some of the best entertainers and artists worldwide. Growing up here can be tough but also inspiring. Growing up in the city of brotherly love has produced a hardnose, starving artist in me. Hershell's career goal is to become a head animator at an animation company. He recently picked up the brush and began oil painting. Something that he had been very afraid to do before. "Not only did I really enjoy it but I also developed my ability in painting very quickly...somehow I flicked oil at a canvas and produced something not only I could enjoy but others too." When Williams animates, he likes to produce realistic characters doing very extraordinary things like running very fast and obtaining various super powers. When he paints, he likes to produce portraits of people. "This was of no surprise to me since I began making art by learning to draw various celebrities I idolized." Emotions are always a target for Hershell. "I love to control the emotions of my viewers; whether that be laughter, sadness and or being antsy of what may come next." Hershell's goal is ultimately for his work to transcend the art world and reach people from all walks of life.

    Sung Jae Yoon
    Team Lead Storyboard Artist

    A graphic designer and animator, that also specialized in 3D modeling, and game designs. Has a Bachelor's degree in Art Technology & Culture from the University of Oklahoma. Some strongest traits are the capability to do both creative designs and technology works. Have knowledge working in most Adobe applications, Maya, and Unity. A creative creator that wants to show his creative style to the world and hopes to bring some inspiration from them.

    Taylor Guyton
    Lead Character Animator

    Taylor Guyton is a former military child and 2020 graduate from The University Of Tampa with a concentration in 2D animation. She loves all animation styles, and especially Japanese animation styles due to living in Japan. Taylor enjoys spending time creating concepts, stories, and building characters for new worlds.

    Caitlin Stearns
    Team Lead Colorist

    Caitlin Stearns graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, in LA, with a degree in 3D animation, and earlier from Canada College with a degree in 2D animation. She enjoys writing stories, sculpting, and being with her cats. She learned how to animate animals, and loves it. She also advocates for herself and for others who have disabilities. Her goal is to create better representation of animated characters with learning disabilities. She makes her disability her superpower.

    Spencer Riordan
    Character Animator

    Spencer is an animator, voice actor, and musician who specializes in spooky and gothic art. They love all things classic horror, folklore and fairytales, traditional animation and stop motion, and vintage aethetics and historical costuming. They like to spend their days strumming on a ukulele or guitar, preferably with one of their cats curled up by their side, when they're not busy making lattes at the cafe in which they work.!

    Kristin Gerhart
    Digital Ink & Paint Artist/Concept Artist

    Kristin is a digital artist with a passion for digital illustration and animation. She has a love for creating and bringing ideas to life. Gerhart's passion for art lies in the animation and video game industries.She attended William Paterson University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a concentration in animation. Kristin continues to improve her art and express herself through her creations and she hopes to inspire others the way others have inspired her.

    Jasper Preston

    Character Animator

    Jasper Preston is a 2D animator from Michigan who graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit in 2021. They have a passion for making things move in the most eye-catching way possible. In their free time, they love animating creatures of all shapes and sizes. When they're not animating they're usually spending their time studying video games, with how they work and what it takes to make games, or they're playing with their cat Alphabet Soup.

    Benjamin Htoo
    Promotions Animator/Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Living in Southeast Asia for over 33 years as a Burmese, Benjamin "Ben" Htoo is a multimedia artist who can specialize in directing, production management, character animation, story, editing, graphic design and art direction. All through this path, he graduated with both an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Animation from Raffles Design Institute (Singapore), then attended an M.F.A. Screenwriting program at Academy of Art University. To top it up, his most notable works are his animated short, Taste on Autism, his unproduced screenplays, the Unjustified Jade and So Unromantic, and a T-shirt logo for political figure Aung San Suu Kyi in association with Asia Baptist Women Union. Besides Raffles Design Institute (Singapore) and Academy of Art University, Ben underwent internship as a graphic designer at Can Studio in Singapore. During his pursuit in California, he made connections with former players from the Hollywood industry: Charles Zembillas, Sherrie Sinclair, Diana Coco-Russels, Tom Bertino, Jana Memel, Randy Levinson and Kenneth Estin. He subsequently encountered the President of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, Dr. Ed Catmull, right before getting into his head about duality between hand-drawn and CGI on story and subject matters during the Creativity Summit presentation at San Francisco's Dolby Theater.

    From 2012 to 2015, he struggled to lead his small production team at his own Myanmar-based animation company, H2 Animation. From 2019, he provided freelance works for Asia Baptist Women Union, then for some buyers on Fiverr. As implied from his works in animation and screenwriting, Ben is keen on experimenting with story, art and characterization. While being devoted to keeping hand-drawn animation alive in the changing trend of animated features, he spares his times on honing his skills in CG character animation.

    Darrel Timmerman
    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Darrel Timmerman was born in 1994, Darrel grew up watching Disney movies which began his inspiration of becoming an animator. He graduated from Bucks County Community College with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, and then graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelors in Applied Digital Arts.

    Isabella Patak

    Storyboard Artist

    Isabella Patak is an animator, character designer, and storyboard artist with a strong passion and love for animation and anything to do with the arts. A graduate of DePaul University with a combined BFA/MA in Animation, Isabella animated over 10 short narrative and experimental films during her time at DePaul. In 2020, Isabella didn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop her from bringing her artistic visions to life; she completed her senior thesis film Ice Cream Cat Adventures, which kickstarted an ongoing project. Haisley is Isabella’s first time working on an animated project with a larger team, an experience she is totally grateful for. When she’s not animating or drawing, Isabella can usually be found playing video games, watching TV, and gathering new inspiration for her work.

    Keri Fang
    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Keri is a 2D Animator/Illustrator from Southern California. She received her BFA in Animation from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in May 2021. She
    specializes in using Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Animate, but has experience with various other animation software such as Maya, Unity, Toon Boom and production software such as Shotgrid. Keri’s love for video games is what led her to a career in animation. Her level of play in Teamfight Tactics, VALORANT, and Genshin Impact has earned her recognition from the video gaming companies. She has worked for admired Twitch Streamers to create specialized emotes, as well as providing artwork for videos and editing support to popular YouTubers.

    Diego Santiago

    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Diego Santiago Is a 3D/2D Animator from Puerto Rico, he's been a traditional artist for about 6 years with experiences in character design, storyboarder, comic artist/illustrator, and general design.

    Ariel Lebrun
    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Coming soon.

    Jen Liu

    Jen Liu is from Taiwan and just completed her Bachelors in Art History.

    "I was looking for the passion in my life and direction...I've always love drawing since I was little and I've always wanted to do that more often."

    Liu moved to San Francisco to study 2D animation and was trained as a 2D Animator and fell in love with traditional character animation. She now holds a Master's degree from the Academy of Art University.

    "I've developed professional skills and I'm excited to offer my creative mind in the industry and to the world."

    Logan Earhart

    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Logan Earhart is a rising Animator who resides in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from
    Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Digital Media with an Emphasis in Animation.
    She was inspired to become an animator after watching animated television programs and feature
    films as a child. Her goal is to bring the same joy she felt as a child to audiences through her own
    work. When she’s not working on an animated project she loves to draw, write, play sandbox
    video games, watch documentaries and spend time with her 9-year old dog named Hobbes.

    Jiwon Hurr

    Digital Ink & Paint Artist/Concept Artist

    Jiwon Hur dropped out of California Institute of the Arts with a fine arts background and graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor’s of digital animation from School of Visual Arts located in Manhattan. She started her career as a story revisionist for Andromeda Studios, and is currently working with Noirtainment Productions under the Haisley project.

    Dariel Filomeno

    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Dariel Filomeno began his artistic journey in high school drawing cartoons and comics behind his essays in English class. Mrs. Almagno eventually got tired of this and recommended he went to the Rhode Island School of Design after school program and stop drawing in class. After that day that was all he could do, the program taught him that he could have a paying career creating art that he enjoyed and that lead to being accepted into the RISD Illustration department where he got his BFA on a full scholarship. Dariel learned how to create comic books and how to tell stories through sequential art but he wanted more, he wanted to take it as far as he could. That is when he decided to go to the roots of his passion, and realized it
    was cartoons, animation, and movies. These where the outlets that opened his mind to creativity and to telling stories, so why not make that. After researching all the
    jobs and all the aspects of animation Dariel Filomeno applied to the University of Southern California MFA program in order to gain experience as a storyboard artist. He has had training in the animation pipeline including visual development, Storyboarding and directing an animated documentary.

    Marissa Schultz

    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Marissa Schultz is an animator and illustrator from Buffalo New York. She is graduate of Villa Maria
    College with a B.F.A in animation. Marissa is fond of cartoony animation and has experience with both
    2d and 3d animation. Programs she uses to animate include Toon boom and Adobe After effects.

    Spencer Marks 'Quin'

    Spencer Marks is an up and coming 2D animator as well as a video editor from St. Louis, Missouri. He specializes in 2D effects and compositing.

    Alexa Quito

    Alexa Quito is a 2D Animator who resides in Rockville, MD.

    Denny Wong
    Character Animator

    Denny Wong is a skilled 2D animator from Los Angeles, California. He graduated from California State University Northridge in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with a concentration in Animation. Denny aspires to do animation for television and return to Grad school for a Masters degree. Denny aspires to be a successful animator in the industry and a professor that teaches animation.

    When Denny isn’t drawing, he is playing video games and consuming other forms of entertainment such as movies and shows.

    Derek Fox

    Derek Fox is an aspiring video game creator. In the summer of 2021 he graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor's degree in Game Art and Development so that he could pursue a career combining his two favorite pastimes: making art and playing video games. He also enjoys watching anime and horror movies, as well as playing with his dog and two cats.

    Dominic Sorbara

    Dominic Sorbara is a 2d animator and storyboard artist. He studied at the School of Visual Arts from 2017 to 2021. Dominic has done cleanup work for the music video All I Know, by The Ghost Club. In addition, he's done storyboards for the animated pilot The Figments, and small work on various animated short films. Dominic is currently a colorist at Noirtainment.

    Facundo Bidegain

    Facundo Bidegain is an Illustrator and Animator from the city of Tandil in Buenos Aires-Argentina, passionate about 2D animation and Digital illustration. In Tandil, together with his friends Emmanuel Alcalá and Andrés Llanezas, he started an animation studio called Más Acá. Later he would move to the city of Caleta Olivia in the province of Santa Cruz-Argentina, where he currently lives with his wife Pamela G garcia and their son Milo Antu. Animation lover, Reiki therapist and Kung Fu instructor.

    Lindsey Danae Perez
    Character Design/Animation Assistant

    Lindsey Danae Perez is a multi-talented creative artist who specializes in character design and story art. She is also a singer/songwriter that co-writes music for sync placements in television and movies alike. An artist with a heart for impact, Lindsey strives to use her talents and skills to bring more love and light into the world.

    Danny Slawski

    Went to undergrad at SUNY Fredonia, graduating with dual BFAs in Animation & Painting in 2015. Studied further in San Fransisco for two years. Since then, they’ve been working on personal projects and freelance. An avid rabbit lover, and has their own bun, Daisy.

    Morgan Lovell

    Morgan L. an illustrator who enjoys drawing original story concepts to occasional fanart. She loves working with other artists and collaborating on wonderful thrilling projects! When she is not drawing she is drinking coffee and picking up a good movie to watch!

    Mack Werner

    Mack Werner is an animator, artist, and filmmaker. A graduate of George Mason University with a BFA in Art and Vusal Technology, concentrating in New Media, his work is heavily grounded in metaphor and allegory, drawing critical comparisons between imaginary worlds and humanity. As a New Media artist, he engages with traditional and digital media in an inventive and experimental way. His work strives to further the medium of 2D animation, empowering the current industry to expand beyond complacency. He has worked on a variety of high-level films and video games, working as an animator and artist.


    Lauren Hubschmitt

    Lauren graduated from Lesley University in May 2021 with a BFA in Animation. She specializes in digital 2D animation but has experience in other mediums such as paper cut-out and digital 3D. She enjoys challenging herself by learning new programs and techniques in order to further push her work and abilities as an artist. In her free time, she likes to play video games, bake sweets, and go for long walks in her neighborhood.

    Vanessa Astorga


    Vanessa Astorga is a digital artist and junior 2D animator. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BFA in Emerging Media. Her mission is to create and animate diverse characters for young audiences to enjoy, and eventually flesh out stories of her own.

    Edwin Devilas

    Edwin Devilas is a BFA graduate from the University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Arts and Design. Prior to his undergrad years, Edwin obtained his associate for Fine Arts and initially visualized himself as a painter, until the aspiration was superseded by his passion for animation. As an animator, he uses his skillset to create meaningful pieces that capture relatable and entertaining experiences to others. He is a scholarship recipient of the Orlando Sentinel and contributed artwork to the Young Arts Gallery (YAG) in downtown Orlando. Edwin was a Creative Content intern for IDEASForUs, a non-profit organization developing eco-friendly solutions and sustainability to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Now he is looking to immerse into more collaborative applications and leave impactful prints. Apart from his work, Edwin is a lover of the fine arts, traveler, and huge foodie.

    Stephany Pacheco

    Stephany Pacheco, 21, born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is a girl who believes in magic and talking
    animals. A 2D animator looking to inspires people and give them new dreams, just like the
    animations always made her believe in the impossible. She has an Associate’s degree in
    Creative Writing and now is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Animation, at Uniritter. Her
    first professional project was the short movie Pedal, by ImaniJC, and she has several short
    stories published internationally.

    Michael Lopez

    Michael is a filmmaker, writer and animator. He studied animation at The Art Institute of California.

    Geoffrey Chappell
    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Geoff Chappell is originally from Ohio. He received his undergrad in Graphic Design at Indiana University in Pennsylvania. He had over 10 years of experience in graphic design prior to pursuing his Masters in 3D Animation at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. At the end of 2020, Geoff relocated to Los Angeles to pursue Animation full time.

    When Geoff is not working you can find him paddle boarding, traveling and exploring the world with his girlfriend and 3 dogs.

    Obaloluwa “Tobi” Akinyele-Peter
    Team Lead Animator/Colorist

    Obaloluwa is a skilled animator, songwriter, music producer and illustrator. He picked up animation in his sophomore year in university and has transitioned from a well known freelance animator to a professional full time 2D animator.

    Obaloluwa, also known as Tobi, is a graduate of Computer Science from Babcock University, although he was set up to become a web designer, his artistic passion drove him into a career in animation. Having worked with notable musical figures in his home country as a freelance animator, he started working as a full time animator in January 2020.

    Tobi was the showrunner for an animated series that highlights the effects of bullying in elementary school called “Violence Against Kids”. He lead a team consisting of voiceover actors, scriptwriters and background designers to bring the project to life for Roost Foundation, the client.

    Hao Qiao

    Hao Qiao Is an ntermediate 2D animator and 3D Artist. Uses Toon Boon and Procreate for most animations. Maya and Zbrush for most 3D projects. Have done motion graphics in the past. Still new to both Unreal and Unity engine but learning. Graduating this year and seeking jobs right now.

    Janice Carter


    Janice Lee Carter is an illustrator and animator in Burbank, California. She has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Animation from Ball State University. Born in Indiana, she moved to southern California to pursue her dreams in the animation industry. Among Janice's experience includes working on animated short films and illustrated books.

    Justin Ruta

    Animator and Art Designer. Has a history of bringing young people's creations to life through 2D and 3D animated cartoons. Studied computer animation at Drexel University, and continues to improve his craft by working with a variety of Philadelphia businesses.

    Lanaii Canada

    Ever since they were a kid, Lanaii loved animation. She started just wanting to draw; after learning what animation was, she knew what she wanted to do. Their first job came as an illustrator for a children’s book, where they grew an appreciation for character design and child’s entertainment. Then, in the final stages of college, they became acquainted with puppet and stop motion animation alongside traditional 2d. Lanaii has a lot of big name inspirations, but her more obscure muses are biking, food, forests and travelling. Despite just graduating from The Academy of Art University, they already know they want to take their career into children’s animation. “It’s my hope that by making good media, I can influence kids and even their parents to make good changes for them and their communities.”

    Youji Han
    Digital Ink & Paint Artist

    Youji Han is a digital artist concentrating on animation and video works. She was born in Korea, grew up in China and received her BFA from the Ohio State University in Art and Technology.

    Amber Morales

    Digital Ink & Paint Artist/Character Design

    Amber is an accomplished artist with a passion for animation and illustration. She is currently a student at the University of Tampa majoring in Animation. She is a hardworking and creative individual with a drive to create art that touches and inspires others.

    Imaeyen Effiong
    Character Design

    Imaeyen Effiong the Art Director and Assistant to the Producers for the animation/live-action film, “Haisley.”As an accomplished writer, designer, and film producer, Imaeyen has gained recognition and acclaim in film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, Campus Movie Fest, and the Black Box Film Festival for films such as “Relax”, “I.W.E”, and “Lost Angel.” She is interested in pursuing a career as an Art and Film Director and is especially passionate about using her work to raise awareness about inequities relating to gender and ethnicity.

    Destiny Marie Parker
    Artist Assistant Intern

    Destiny Marie Parker, a kind but determined, somewhat silly person who always finds a way to make people laugh; a gifted artist who inspires others. Her colleagues would describe her as fun, confident, caring, and a good worker. Since the time she was 4, she remembers having the desire to be a professional artist. Growing up she had an affinity for animation and remembers watching countless Disney movies, but the one movie that inspired Destiny to become an animator was the DreamWorks Animation film “Spirit Stallion of Cimarron.” She was intrigued by how the drawings moved, then watching the way they were created set a spark off in her, so by the time she was 7 she decided to refine her talents for creating animation. The person in the animation world she credits with her inspiration is Aaron Blaise. When Destiny is not working she enjoys spending time at church and with friends and is happiest spending time with her pets and her grandmother, whom she deeply admires and respects. Destiny’s personal motto is “Always do what you love no matter what, cause you might make a difference doing it someday.”

    Ismael Tejera

    Ismael Rodríguez Tejera was born on April 19, 1996 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain. He is known for working with other artists from Spain, creating illustrations for award winning songs like "Mami", with over 50 million views. He later transitioned into the animation industry.